Sauvage Christian Dior Cologne

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It does not converse to a certain age range, and it just about works for any occasion. Just be careful to not over apply as a result of these items is powerful which I respect as a result of I am tired of poor projection and longevity in lots of recent perfume releases.
I even have a 10ml mini of this that I decanted into an atomizer. It smells very good with one spray. Even with that single spray, it lasts all day and initiatives nicely. With two or more sprays it shortly becomes cloying and obnoxious with ambroxan overload. A very generic clean peppery scent.
Wearing Sauvage one spray a day would certainly make the bottle last a very long time. So, although it is not discounted yet, in my opinion it's still a great worth for someone who is going to choose one perfume and stick to it till the bottle is completed.
Did anybody check it aspect by side with Aventus? I did that today and these two scents are just about comparable, falling throughout the same category.
Sauvage abandons the zesty fruity opening of Aventus to go straight into pepper, lavender, and geranium which I personally like. To my nostril Aventus is sharp in the center while Sauvage is somewhat tough which I choose. Aventus is extra sour as the birch dominates while Sauvage is extra aromatic and amber-like. Both are higher be worn in the summertime though I find Sauvage to be a bit more forgiving in cooler weathers.
Sorry, however I do not buy that one bit. Not as a result of I assume this scent is ideal or can't be disliked, but because you're making an apparent exaggeration that insinuates that this scent is somehow objectively bad. That claim deviates from my own constructive experiences with this scent, but that is not the actual problem. Unfortunatly this was not the case, as a result of when this dried down it smelled EXACTLY like this lotion I had some time back that had a sporty odor. With that said, its not horrible and there are components of this that I like however to be trustworthy I thought it smelled pretty low cost and for a Dior fragrance it was a disappointment.