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The money businesses can save on professionally refurbished used floor scrubbers is well worth consideration. Not only is the purchase price lower, money is saved on multiple levels. If the purchased is financed in-house, for example, the payments are considered a business operating expense and are tax deductible. The purchase of new equipment is an asset to the business and taxed.


A used floor scrubber cleans the surface in a fraction of the time it takes to wash it with a mop and bucket. To increase productivity further, invest in a refurbished floor sweeper as well and the floors will look great in no time. Janitorial personnel now have more time for tasks like dusting, polishing plaques and awards, getting to minor repairs faster, and cleaning up debris at the entrances. These are final touches that people will notice when they arrive at a place of business.


Cleaning with a mop and bucket requires more water and cleaning products to get the floor clean and shiny. small floor scrubber wear down quickly when they get wrapped around corners or furnishings and require replacement often. Some staff with take better care of brooms and mops than others. A properly cleaned mop will last longer than one that is left standing in a corner dirty. The problem is there is no way to tell which ones are neglected and which are still good to use.

Different staff will also put extra cleaner in a bucket thinking the floor will come clean faster. That is not only false, it can lead to slippery residue. Water bills are higher because the floor needs to be rinsed after it is washed to avoid buildup. A scrubber will provide a consistent appearance while saving money on supplies.

Workers Compensation Claims

The repetitive motions of sweeping and mopping can lead to muscle weakness, back injury, wrist and elbow pain, and sore shoulders. Over rotary floor scrubber become worse and require physical therapy or surgery. The employee is out of work so overtime costs rise as well as insurance premiums. Tripping over a mop bucket on wheels can cause major injury, damage property, and result in a lawsuit. These costs are much higher than the purchase of refurbished equipment.

A Wide Variety

Floor maintenance equipment is available in all sizes, operating methods, and over ten major brand names. A twenty-inch walk behind scrubber, a thirty-inch ride-on model, or an automated machine can be found along with several other types of sweepers, buffers, and strippers. Search floor polishing machine for details on the complete refurbishing process, information and buying guides, as well as deals for extra parts and pads.