A REAL Review of James Carters Infinite Energy

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My HONEST Infinite Energy Generator Review


Times are a lot more unsure now than ever. Looking at what's been happening globally, and that the U.S. faces an extremely scary time period with unemployment at an all time high and a contentious election looming.

I've survived a hurricane, I realize how crucial it is to heed warning signals and prepare for the worst.

So when I read that James Carter had a new presentation that was going to show people how to preserve and make electricity, I was very intrigued.

So I decided to review it.


What Is The Infinite Energy Generator?

The Infinite Energy Generator is basically a handmade guide that shows you how to create a generator in your own residence.

Thankfully it's step-by-step, so ANYONE can make the generator regardless of experience.

How Does The Energy Generator Work?

The device is thoroughly energy-independent, which enables you to go and stay completely off-grid with it - IF you want to. You can use as a complement, reducing down on your energy bill here-and-there by making use of it to power things around your house… or you can take it step-by-step until it completely replaces other sources of energy completely.

Who Created The Infinite Energy Generator?

James Carter is the creator, and is well known in survival circles for helping cut down on energy usage.

What Comes With The Energy Generator Manual?

Here is a list of things included with your purchase of the Infinite Energy Generator Manual:

You also get a ton of required details, like:
• How to get all the necessary parts (vital right now)
• How to build the Generator within a handful of hrs
• How this system works without gas or oil
• Scaling (GREAT if you want to work your way even more off-grid)
• Mistakes to steer clear of
• How to STORE excess Electricity manual!

How Much Does It Cost?

You might assume you're looking at a hundred dollar (or more) guide here, since it's helping you eliminate your electricity bill.

But no.

James keeps the price pretty cheap, at just $37. I guess this is because you still have to make the device yourself.

EDIT: It’s actually on sale right now for $25! WEBSITE: CLICK HERE while the deal lasts - I think it’s a special offer!


I purchased the program just to try it, and was impressed with how straightforward it was to follow, and how it actually succeeded in powering my battery.

Cell phones are critical in survival situations, so this was my top priority. With the scaling guide, I'll be transferring on to bigger and better things, and maybe I'll be moving completely off the grid soon. This guide was EXCELLENT.

Stay safe out there.