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Everybody may worship any god or religion, as long as obeyed the laws. That was nice news for Marko and a pleasing shock, as there was a fantastic spiritual intolerance in Europe in his time. Marko Polo described his voyage and his life cycle within the guide Million in the French language, which he dictated to a author of knightly romances, one Rusticiano or Rustichello from Pisa, while in the Genoese prison after the battle off Korcula in 1298. Today, there are Depolos living exterior Korcula – in Dubrovnik, Split, Rijeka, Zagreb, Athens, Ismir, New Zealand, USA, Chile and Argentina. All of them originate from Korcula and have household connections with their Korcula relations.
Balkh was still mendacity in ruins after Genghis Khan had destroyed it completely in 1222. Then, after twelve days journeying they came in entrance of the mountain chain where the precious white salt was extracted.
Behind the mountains lay the province of Badakhshan, famous for its mines of rubies and sapphires. The clever king of that province restricted the digging of rubies so as to sustain their worth. Marko describes shortly his yr-long fever which he cured by altering the air and by staying within the mountains. Next, Marko describes Baghdad, probably the most romantic and mysterious city of the East, though it isn't quite sure if he visited it himself.
To secure himself from a interval of dearth, he would retailer big portions of corn when it was abundant. If a family skilled a disastre it would be given as a lot food and garments because it had the previous year. Children and not using a household house have been introduced up in particular institutions, and lots of hospitals were also constructed.
He advised the story of how the Khan of Levant occupied Baghdad in 1258 and how he captured the khalif of Baghdad and requested him to eat gold, which he had amassed in enormous portions on account of his soldiers’ wages. The Turkomans have been residents of the Great Khan, and Marko was especially impressed by their tolerance.
His officers have been distributing thirty five thousand dishes of rice and barley to those who needed it most. Such a policy was very distant from the Mongol scorn for the poor, and was nearer to the then Chinese ethical principles about assist for the needy. Marko’s caravan got here to the very door of the Chinese capital, which was then called Khanabalik; this was the time of the Yuan dynasty. From Tunocain the Polos went in direction of Balkh, in northern Afghanistan, where the commerce routes between West and East cross.