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My body had given up on me, I had shivers and pains throughout and every thing felt twice as hard. I got here out of our room to see Josh in the hallway telling me he had simply thrown up.
We arrived at our camp to see a bull getting stripped to eat, its legs sawed off, skin stripped off and worse of all its stomach pierced open and robust foul odor emanating and its liver and green puss flooding out. Having my iPod in made at present’s trek easier, it was very misty and we headed up a very steep mountain. At one point we were trekking in complete mist, you would hardly see anything around you.
The information has simply advised us that tomorrow morning we’ll be heading up to further altitude for 3 hours straight. Machu Picchu right now seems blissful, arriving at that place is the Holy Grail right now.
We were picked up by a van with the promise of a pure refreshing hot spring. South America being South America things don’t always go according to plan. The minibus which would take us there was too small. It was incredibly clammy, we had not showered in days, all of us crammed within the minibus however a few us needed to get on the roof for the driving force, well being and security was taking a day off.
You discover a approach to push your self when your close to your restrict, you assume you’re about to stop then coerce yourself to carry on. We had short breaks after which one of the guides would stroll up to us and the dreaded ‘vamos amigos’, we have been going once more. I am nonetheless pleased to be doing this nonetheless, even if it is demoralizing contemplating what number of days we now have left, but surely they will’t be worse than today.
Because we had paid so much and we couldn’t change the date it was obvious we have been simply going to should do the trek and stop whining. We obtained picked up by a tour bus and were driven to a few hours to a breakfast place. The trek was barbaric, I’ve never done trekking which was so relentless.