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Really rarely hit the romantic comedy that appeals to both women and men. Come on? I can not admit wrong? How many times we would have liked to see, for example, not even a war movie than komedyjkę weak-minded, but because of the girl clench your teeth and decide on a common session. Fortunately, the production "It's a Boy Girl Thing," directed by Nick Hurra should it fall to taste both ladies and gentlemen.

Why? Feel free to read.

 The story begins with a brief introduction.

In some American city, at some of the many neighborhoods, right next to each other in two single-family houses, lives two teenagers. Charming, but by all considered rigid and boring nerd, Nell and handsome, respected by all, ważniaczek class, Woody. As it is not difficult to guess, our main characters hate each other with a "sincere heart" and every day to invent all sorts of ideas on that humiliate a neighbor unbearable. Maybe their lives would be different if one of them decided to change the place of residence, or less ago gave way to mature, but not the way. Both Nell and Woody are too proud and arrogant to come to any agreement and trwaliby probably not in this "thought-out war" if not another quarrel, during the tour of the museum, the statue of the pagan god of love ... We can only think about how our heroes were shocked when they woke up the next day in a neighboring house, not in their rooms and ...

not in their bodies! Yes - the main theme of the scenario is to change our bodies between the main characters. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events, because I was expecting a completely different, more trivial plot solutions. The idea of ​​the creators was unpredictable and is a major twist in the "male-female thing." From that moment on seeing our heroes for them in unusual situations and trials.

Nell and Woody abruptly, because day-to-day life are transferred to the neighbor. Nell to the world, where social events and meetings there is no end, and Woody to the world of science.

Of course, none of them will not be able to find a new place and new friends.

Slowly, however, they will notice in the situation not only cons, but the pros, as well as change the job of his neighbor, and even spending more time with him than ever and helping in difficult cases, fall in love. Developers really is a big round of applause for being so unpredictable and original screenplay. The potential of what was in the same idea was used in one hundred percent.

Transfer the boy to girl's life and vice versa turned out to be a great and ingenious was played, ideal for a romantic comedy remarkable. I am also full of praise for the actors themselves. Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegers showing off a very good acting. They both need to have a huge distance to each other, when they agreed to rip such unusual roles. I can only guess that in the movie guaranteed them a real fun and a new experience. There remains the matter of humor, after all, a comedy. Proposed to us by the creators of the humor is light and inventive.

Luckily we meet here with low humor flights or forced, as in some American series, in which laughter is underlaid data scenes that the authors are fun and when we should burst with laughter. There will also drain the head with embarrassment to hear some dialogues or hold his head, watching the silly behavior of the characters. Rather we spend the screening of "nieschodzącym 'smile on our face, until the very end of the projection.

Funny dialogues and thoughtful and "sold well" by the creators of gags certainly entertain us. Humor is a big advantage, "It's a boy girl thing" "It's a Boy Girl Thing" is an interesting and funny romantic comedy for both ladies and gentlemen, at which it is impossible to get bored. Each of us will find something in it for themselves. I would recommend! .